freelance writer in office

“I believe that writing is derivative. I think good writing comes from good reading.” 

– Charles Kuralt

Writing & Editing

Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or artist, you are no doubt eager to connect with potential clients in a way that feels genuine and honest. I believe that storytelling is the gateway to connection – one that doesn’t start with clickbait. 

If you’re ready to tell your unique story through words, images, or a combination of the two but don’t feel particularly skilled in the art of crafting narratives, I can help you.

As a dedicated freelance writer, editor, and photographer, and long-time editor of the online publication Street Photography Magazine, I help people tap into the power of effective communication to build a thriving business. 

Who do I serve?

I help business owners who want to make a better impression with their website content to flesh out their story and then communicate it through professional content aimed at a specific audience. Depending on your overall objectives this may include written webpage content, blog posts, newlsetters, and social media posts. Along the way, I’ll make sure the SEO gods are happy to improve your rank and reach. If you need professional photos to align with your written message, I can help you select tasteful stock images or create professional images of you, your place of business, and services or products you offer. 

In addition, as an experienced photo editor, I love to help photographers take their craft to the next level, particularly street and documentary photographers. If you are a photographer who would like to get a seasoned magazine editor’s opinion on your portfolio, I’d be honored to take a look. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of  photographers curate their images and find the right words to tell the story behind their photo project. If you’re ready to turn your photo project into something publish-worthy, contact me about a portfolio review.